Industry knowledge

Prerequisite for an effective placement

Continuously challenging the current sector requirements of our clients is a prerequisite for an effective placement. We intensively engage with the core sectors we have specialised in, allowing us to gain profound insights into the world of our clients. We are your professional partner for filling specialist and management vacancies.

Manufacturing industry

Due to its diversity, we divide the industrial sector in various sub-categories. We cover the entire industry spectrum with our knowledge – from packaging through electrical and mechanical engineering to automotive, metal and plastics. We are your perfect partner for positions in sales, production and development!

Food and Consumer Goods

Our clients in the food sector range from meat producers to beverage manufacturers, and our expertise has expanded in the non-food sector. We are also very familiar with the supply industry. Apart from the products, quality control is of prime importance. Our competent team will help you fill your vacancies!

Medical Technology

Germany is the third-largest producer of medical technology in the world. Whether innovative investment goods or life-saving consumables, MedTec companies need qualified staff in production and sales, as well as ingenious minds in R&D departments. Thanks to our network in this segment, we are perfectly placed to support you!

Pharma and Chemistry

We have been placing specialists in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for many years, one of the largest sectors in Germany which is continuously changing. Here, we focus on placing managers in development and production.

Transport & Logistics

This interface between manufacturers, intermediate producers, retailers and consumers is the third-largest sector in Germany. Global trade is inconceivable without shipping companies and forwarders bringing the goods to the destination. The greater the e-commerce expansion, the greater the logistics requirements. We know our way around. Talk to us.

Trade / E-commerce

Trade and e-commerce are closely linked. How do goods get to the stores? What sort of space management is most effective? Store management, procurement of goods, space design and marketing are the absolute top areas in this sector. With our trade sector professionals, we fill your vacancies in a blink, even in e-commerce. Contact us!

Construction and Real Estate

Neither asset and portfolio management, nor project development are new to us. Building construction and civil engineering, facility and fund management are our core competencies in construction and real estate. Our extensive candidate pool in this sector allows us to fill your vacancies in no time at all. Simply contact us!


Digitalisation is making its way through all sectors. And publishing houses and agencies are not excluded from this change. Jobs such as SEO/SEA manager or product owner are becoming increasingly popular. We are strongly geared towards digital transformation, preparing us optimally for supporting you in your search for digital and traditional managers.

Professional Services

Managers are the crucial success factor in the field of professional services. In this sector, they must show assertiveness and quick reactions, as well as impressive empathy and intuition. We have been working with leading service companies right from the start, making us your competent contact.