About us

Performance-oriented and innovative

Founded in 2008 through passion, we are now on track to become the most innovative human resource consultancy in Germany.

We consider it one of our key tasks to discover trends and innovations that impact our clients’ future success, provide the employees and systems necessary for that success in good time, and continuously develop new products for our clients.

To this end, we engage intensively with the sectors our clients operate in. This helps us to develop a professional understanding for the relevant specific thematic and human resource challenges.

With our services, we secure the best specialists and managers for our clients with competence, speed and fairness – today and in the future.

Our team is performance-oriented and motivated. If we don’t know it yet today, we learn. We live up to the same expectations we place on our applicants. Our ambition and commitment drives us to continuously seek new challenges and improve.


We are human resource consultants by vocation and with great passion. Our team has exceptional industry knowledge and is always in touch with the latest trends. We continuously develop new services and products for the human resources consulting of the future.


When we carry out an assignment, it shows that we understand the industry and know our job. This is why more than 75% of all proposed candidates are invited for an interview by our clients.


Our research is highly effective; our network is great and well maintained. In more than 80% of our mandates, we can present first results within two weeks, and the search is usually completed after only eight weeks.


Our attractive fee model is based on our success and the requirements of the mandate. We charge absolutely no hidden costs, and our total expenditure is significantly below that of our competitors in most cases.

Internal career

Join our team.

With us, career definitions are entirely individual. Motivation, performance, identification with the job and an individual lifestyle are non-exclusive. You can learn human resources consulting with us. Personality, enjoying your work, and a willingness to learn are the things our colleagues need to bring to the table – whether for a consultancy position, at the head of one of our companies, as a project manager, in marketing, in sales, in administration, or as a trainee or apprentice.

We are not looking for “perfect” human resource consultants or trainees. We are looking for personalities who can think outside the box. Individuals who advance our clients, our candidates, and therefore our company.

We’re looking forward to receiving your detailed application, telling us why you are the perfect fit for our company. Please send your application to: karriere@hp-servicegroup.de.

Mr. Ralf Stämmer will be happy to assist you with any questions about the advertised vacancies. Please contact him on 030 779078425

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